Quick Heal Antivirus Free Download Trial Version 90 Days [2018]

quick heal antivirus free download trial version 90 days

Welcome back, readers! Today, I will review one of the best antivirus software, namely Quick Heal Antivirus Software. I am adding Quick Heal Antivirus Download as its demand is increasing among my blog’s readers. This antivirus is developed by Quick Heal Technologies, an Indian Security Solutions company. They offer much other securing software too.

This antivirus is available to be downloaded on PCs as well as various Smartphone platforms. By using this antivirus, we can get many impressive features like parental control, privacy assurance, data assurance, and DNAScan technology. It also includes built-in tools which help in disk cleanups, registry defragmentation, and finding duplicate files.

quick heal antivirus free download trial version 90 days

This virus-killing software works like a charm. It has many intelligent options like it automatically blocks malicious USB drives from accessing confidential and private data. One unique advantage of this antivirus is that it stops infected and phishing emails which intent to harm you.

Quick Heal Antivirus Advantages:

Finding the many advantages of this antimalware is quite difficult for you all. That’s why; I have listed some of them below.


    With parental control feature of this antivirus, parents can now easily spy on their children. This feature is quite useful because parents can prevent their children from committing cyber crimes.


    If you are an office worker, your privacy might be at risk. Your databases and other confidential things can be accessed by your co-workers easily. This antivirus is also useful to prevent leakage of confidential stuff.


    As the above subtitle suggests, we can now scan our Smartphones directly from our PCs. This is the first ever antivirus to provide such feature. Let’s say if my phone is infected with the virus and is hanging like hell. Due to hanging, I cannot even unlock the phone. If I had this antivirus, I could remotely do a virus scan and remove viruses from my Smartphone.

Quick Heal Antivirus Features:

A product simply doesn’t get popular after its launch. If a product gets popular, then the reason behind it is uniqueness. There are many antiviruses available out there. But, Quick Heal Antivirus is popular due to its unique features which are not found in many other antiviruses. These features include:

  • Core Protection:

    Core protection means that the engine of antivirus detects and resolves threats automatically and effectively. This feature is useful as it even detects discrete and hidden viruses and removes them as well.

  • DNAScan Technology:

    DNAScan is a new technology introduced in this antivirus. This technology monitors all suspicious applications and programs installed on the computer. Whenever DNAScan detects malicious activities by those specific apps, it blocks them.

  • Web Protection:

    Not all antiviruses provide online security, but this one does. This antivirus does real-time web session monitoring which includes blocking of malicious sites, blocking of infected downloads, protecting from phishing scams, and many others.

  • Browser Sandbox:

    This feature is very useful and the best feature on the list. Sandbox browser is a browser which you open in your internet browser. All the online browsing sessions are made in sandbox browser. Sandbox browser is basically opened in a different remote PC, so any malicious actions don’t affect our PC directly.

  • Stealth Mode:

    Quick Heal Pro’s firewall is very strong. It also has a stealth mode feature which makes it almost impossible for hackers to trace us. In this way, the hackers will never ever be able to infect or harm our computers.

Quick Heal Antivirus Free Download Trial Version 90 Days

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Software Name:  Quick Heal Antivirus.

File Name: Quick Heal Antivirus Offline Installer.

Version (which is provided): latest 17.00.

Software size: 86.2 MB.

Price: Freeware.

Software Category: Antiviruses, Antimalware.

Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

OS type: 32 Bit and 64 Bit.

Languages support: Multiple languages support.


Is Quick Heal antivirus free download for PC available in full version?.

No! Not yet! But you can try Quick Heal antivirus free download trial version 90 days.

Will Quick Heal antivirus free download 32-bit version work on my PC?

For the answer to this question, check out which Windows version are you running i.e. 32 bit or 64 bit.

Can Quick Heal antivirus app be installed offline?

Yes! You can install this application offline. The link provided by us is the offline installer.

Are Quick Heal antivirus download links working?

Yes! They are working fine. But, if they aren’t you can comment below, so that we can fix broken links.

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