Google Drive Offline Installer For Windows [backup and sync 2018]

Hello readers! It’s Yasir once again. Today, in another fabulous blog post of OfflineInstallerPoint, I am reviewing Google Drive. I am also going to provide you all with Google Drive offline installer download as this online cloud storage platform is getting popular day by day. It is not only getting popular, but also many of my blog’s readers asked me to review it. Its name clearly tells us that this online storage platform is owned by Google. Google Drive Offline Installer

Google added tons of features in the new and updated version of their online drive. As Drive is a product of Google, therefore it takes care of our online privacy. All of our uploaded files and folders are secrets until we decide to share them. Drive also supports all file extensions/formats.

With Google Drive, we get 15 GB disk space completely free. There is a powerful search option in it too. We can easily found our desired files with it. One of the best advantages that this cloud storage provides is that we can now directly save our Gmail attachments to our online drive.

Google Drive offline installer  Advantages:

It has so many advantages that you are going to spend hours in finding them. To help you in not wasting your precious time, we have arranged the best advantages below:

  • Most Secure Online Storage Platform:
    As this cloud storage is a product of Google, therefore it is highly secure. We all know that Google’s servers are not only powerful, they are almost impossible to hack. So, we don’t need to worry about any file or photo leaks.
  • Upload Files Of Any Extension:
    No other cloud storage platforms provide users with this ability. All the other online drives bound users to upload specific file extensions. With Google’s own drive, we can upload a file of any format and extension. By file extensions, I here mean the suffix that describes the type of file.
  • Faster Downloads From Slow Sites:
    This is a secret trick found by me. No one is ever going to tell this trick. Let’s say you want to download a file from a website named “ABC”. That website is providing you with a transfer rate of only 100 Kb/s or so and the file is too big. You know that it is going to take forever. But, with my trick, it won’t. There is a tool named SaveToDrive. This tool allows us to download files directly to Google drive. After transferring, we can download that file from Google’s storage platform with a very fast speed.

Google Drive Offline Installer

Google Drive Features:

Drive by Google has so many attractive features, that users get convinced to purchase their extra storage.  These features include:

  • Sharing Files Made Easier:
    Drive by Google made sharing of files hell lot easier. The procedure for sharing is also quite simple. We just need to upload any file or folder on the drive. Next, we need to generate a shareable link for it. After generation, we just need to share it with those who want to download those files.
    Please note that when a file gets downloaded by thousands of people after some hours of uploading, Google temporary blocks that file’s download to avoid spamming. After 24 hours, the download link will be again available for download.
  • Faster Downloads:
    After using this online storage application, your downloading experience will never be the same. I know that all other storage platforms provide you with slow downloading speeds. But, trust me; if you want a lot of downloading speed, then you must try Drive by Google.
    Google promises to provide almost unlimited download speed.
    BUT REMEMBER, you also need to have an Internet connection that can support unlimited speed.
  • Powerful And Intelligent Searching:
    Drive has a powerful as well as intelligent. Let’s say, I visited Paris. I clicked some pictures and wrote some articles discussing my visit to Paris. Now, I upload them to my Drive. After uploading, if I search “Eiffel Tower”, in search results I will get all those files related to my Paris visit.
    But, how does it works?
    Google’s Drive bot is very intelligent. It can recognize places in your uploaded pictures. It can also read what you wrote in your documents. This is why it is possible for Drive to show relevant searches.
    Google Drive Offline Installer
  • Save Gmail Attachments:
    Let’s say, I am working in an office. I am the boss of many employees. Those employees sent me confidential files which must be backed up immediately. I can directly upload those files from Gmail to Google Drive and save them forever.
    Google Drive Offline Installer


Software Name:  Google Drive.

File Name: Google Drive Offline Installer.

Version (which is provided): latest 3.37.7121.2026.

Software size: 15.9 MB.

Price: Freeware.

Software Category: Cloud Storage Clients.

Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

OS type: 32 Bit and 64 Bit.

Languages support :  Multiple languages support.

Torch browser offline installer is one of the best browsers with too many default plugins like built-in media downloading manager also social sharing features.

Dropbox is Also One Of the best and popular free storage site you can also use this.

How to Download Google Drive Offline Installer.

the offline installer of any tools is one of the best options with whom you can save your data any time you can download from here just click on the download link

which is below of this paragraph.

Google Drive Offline Installer direct download link 
Download Google Drive Offline Installer 


Is download of Google drive offline installer for windows 10 available?
Ans: Yes! You can install it on all the latest operating systems including Windows 10.

Should I download Google drive offline installer 2016, 2017 or 2018?
Ans: It is advised to download the latest version, as it will be free of bugs and errors.

Is Google drive sync offline installer also included in this download package?
Ans: Yes! This is a complete download package having syncing installer too.

Just like Google drive offline installer for PC is available, is there any offline installer for Android or iOS?

Ans: Yes! There are offline installers available for Android and iOS devices too.

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